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The Legacy Series

  • Legacy: Forgotten Son

    Legacy: Forgotten Son

    For over five thousand years, there were always three binding rules for all Masters of Sinanju:
    1) Payment is always in gold. No checks.
    2) There is only one Master and one pupil.
    3) No woman will ever be trained in Sinanju.

    Sunny Joe Roam will throw the last two rules out the window in order to fulfill his tribe's oldest commitment. He will train both Stone Smith and his half-sister Freya Williams in the deadly art of Sinanju, ushering in a new era for the tribe.

    But will the lethal brother-sister duo be enough to help their new boss Benjamin Cole stop the Great Mexican Ninja Army from invading the southwestern United States?

  • Winston "Stone" Smith

    Winston "Stone" Smith

    WINSTON “STONE” SMITH: Winston is the son of Remo Williams and a Folcroft nurse. Stone was sent to military schools by Harold Smith, a man he believed to be his uncle. After graduation, he joined the Navy where he joined the famed SEAL Team Six. After various other jobs, including attempts at following in his father’s footsteps as assassin and mercenary, Stone is being trained in Sinanju by his grandfather Bill Roam when he’s not trying to keep Freya from pestering him.

  • Freya Williams

    Freya Williams

    FREYA WILLIAMS: Freya is the daughter of Remo Williams and Jilda of Lakluun. She spent eleven years traveling the world with her mother until Jilda died saving her daughter from Kali. She was then adopted by her grandfather, Bill “Sunny Joe” Roam and lives on the Sinanju reservation. A child of two distinct cultures, Freya feels isolated in the cliquish reservation but has grown close to her half-brother Stone.

  • Ben Cole

    Ben Cole

    BENJAMIN COLE: Ben was a Mossad sleeper agent stationed with his wife in Egypt. After his wife's death, Ben had to be smuggled out of the country and came to live in America as a CIA analyst in 1989. In 2009 he was granted exclusive access to a program formed under Homeland Security. His mission is to track and eliminate terrorists. Ben has just been given two Sinanju protégés as agents and won’t hesitate to use his new license to kill if it keeps America safe.

  • Helmut Belisis

    Helmut Belisis

    HELMUT BELISIS: Helmut is a German-raised Greek who heads the most secret organization on Earth: VIGIL. The group is sworn to ensure the survival of the human race for the next million years, regardless of the cost. Their world-wide reach keep the masses fed, stupid and create artificial targets for any opposition to their goals. Helmut’s predecessor boasts that he is the one who instructed Kennedy to start CURE and personally chose Harold Smith to head the organization. The appearance of the group headed by Ben and manned by Freya and Stone are a speed bump to VIGIL’s path to world domination.

  • About the Legacy Series

    Harold W. Smith has had to think outside his once impenetrable box for the first time in his life. With a radical in the White House and the disappearance of his assistant director Mark Howard, Smith disconnected the direct line to the White House, making CURE a rogue agency. Now he has delegated authority to a man who shares Smith's unshaking loyalty to America, Ben Cole. Given two proteges of the Sun Source of all martial arts - Sinanju - Ben will use his license to kill as often as it takes to ensure America's safety.

    It’s the second coming of Warren Murphy and Gerald Welch is riding shotgun!

    Forgotten Son is the first book in the new Destroyer spin-off series, Legacy. Violence is escalating at the US/Mexico border. Smugglers run rampant while decapitated heads decorate billboards like Christmas tree lights. But the cartels choose the wrong place to conduct their business when they decide to cross the Arizona border belonging to the Sinanju tribe.

    That’s where Ex-Mossad agent Benjamin Cole comes in. Ben has just been tapped to head a secret new government agency responsible for stopping terrorist acts. He is only given two field agents, but fortunately for him, Freya Williams and Stone Smith are the daughter and son of a certain Remo Williams.

    This is old-school Murphy at his best, with explosive action, biting satire and engaging characters. Welch, coming off strong from the first five books in his Last Witness series, brings a spark of magic to the mix, but you kind of expect that from someone who has an honest-to-God lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

    Fans of the Destroyer are going to love Forgotten Son and if you’re one of the four people on Earth who have never heard of the Destroyer, then buckle your seatbelt, because you’re in for a ride. If this book is any indication of what we can expect from future Legacy books, then Forgotten Son will be long remembered.