I made three .JPG files that you can use as wallpaper.  All 3 are 800x600. You can reduce or enlarge as needed.  800x600 seems to be the most popular screen setting today (at least it's what I use!)

To save the image you want, just click on it.  The full size version will load.  You can then right-click and save it, then make it your desktop, or if you're in Explorer, just right-click and select "Set as wallpaper."

Also, be sure and check out the free Windows screen saver!

Book Covers

The European version of the Movie Tie-in side by side with the North-American version.

The Glorious Chiun

This form of relaxation is often used by the most gracious, kind, and, lo, handsome, Chiun. Especially in the earlier adventures while watching Soaps. Before they degenerated.

Ugly White Thing Meets Typical American Woman

A scene from the movie (the only film shot while Lady Liberty was undergoing her facelift!)