"O.K., so it's not the most hi-tech page on the Web, but I'm working on it!"

Originally, the site page was created in a combination of Hot Metal Pro, Home Site, and Microsoft Front Page (because it ties in so easily with our NT Server.)   Since 1999 it's FrontPage and Cold Fusion Studio.

I use a lot of tables on the main page (the main page and books opening page were done in PhotoShop 6 and auto-sliced), but arrange things so that they will look O.K. for non-table browsers. I avoid frames - I  like them, but see far to many pages where the designer obviously created the page in 1024, but never bothered viewing it at anything else! The result is an ugly mess. Plus I don't want to create frame and non-frame versions of the pages. Keep It Simple. 

All the images were created in PhotoShop, with KPT and Eye Candy (now called Alien Skin) plug-ins. I have a new (10/00) HP color scanner, so adding images is a snap. I spend a lot of time finding the best quality vs file size trade off, playing with pallet size and formats. That's why you see a mix of GIF and JPEG images.

The page uses a lot of roll-overs instead of making the images simple anchors. Why? Because I want to, plus it looks cool.