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Remo's favorite topic...Sexual Ecstasy - How many steps exactly? Remo thinks these steps were invented because the women of Sinanju are so, er, ugly. Sex is as exciting for Remo as changing his Chinos. An occasional (rare) female can actually turn Remo on - then look out! Remo usually uses sex as a weapon, and has killed using it - and been killed. Good old Shiva saves Remo's bare butt then!

The Village of the Three No'sSinanju - Yes, it exists! This picturesque little jewel is nestled on a gorgeous bay, with a fantastic view of the ocean. Or as Remo would say "What a dump!" The current Master plies his trade in order to support the village. Or as Remo puts it "The world's oldest welfare case."

A real statue of Shiva, er, RemoShiva - His Mantra The six-armed Indian god of death, the shaterer of worlds, is Remo's alter ego - and often saves our favorite White Master of Sinanju. When Remo gets killed, Shiva takes over. The good side: Remo eventually regains control of his body and soul, and gets to live again. The bad side: Shiva considers Remo to be the host for the God's return to Earth. We first see Shiva in Destroyer #2. He pops up later in the series - and more often. It takes Remo a LONG time to accept his Shiva alter ego. Even Smith is forced to face it.

Sinanju currency?If the Glorious Chiun had his way, Korean money would look like this. Of course he would demand a share of the wealth. In Gold, not worthless paper.

His elegant face and graceful being would obviously add great value to the currency. "In Sinanju We Trust" could be printed on each note. "Backed by the Awesome Magnificence of Sinanju" could be the slogan. Chiun would wonder what took them so long to come to their collective senses. Remo would think they were nuts.

Hmmm. It has come to our attention that some people out there have no idea what this web site is all about. Chiun would say "Begone!" Remo would mumble "So what?" But we wish to enlighten you and introduce your life to these adventures. Take a look at the Introduction To Sinanju if you are new here - or wonder what all this madness is about. Curious about the site itself? Here's the tech-notes.

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