Shiva ~ His Mantra

What does Remo utter when Shiva comes' a calling?

The hollow voice intones...

"I am created Shiva, the Destroyer; death, the shatterer of worlds. The dead night tiger made whole by the Master of Sinanju. Who is this dog meat that dares challenge me?"

Shiva is bad news - even Chiun runs scared when facing this ancient God. But if it weren't for Shiva, Remo would be dead many times over. Shiva has made Remo virtually indestructible - even is Remo is killed, he comes back. Kinda like the Energizer Bunny, only it's the Energizer Remo...

So far Shiva has only reared his head after Remo has died. Shiva considers the killing of Remo a direct challenge, and pretty much wastes anyone or anything that gets in Remo's way. Also - so far - Shiva has brought Remo back from the dead AFTER Shiva is done with his body. This possession usually lasts a few minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. At one time it was several days, and Chiun had to make a deal with Shiva to allow the return of Remo (basically to grant a boon to Shiva, anything, at anytime.) Read Arabian Nightmare, #86 for that story.


SHIVA is one of the trinity of Hindu gods who are responsible for creation, preservation and destruction. Although Shiva is often called the Destroyer, he is the destroyer of evil and is thus a good god. According to mythology, Shiva lives on a snowy mountain called Kilas with his wife, Parvathi, daughter of the Himalayas, and their two sons. When the river Ganges came from heaven to earth to mitigate a long lasting drought, it was Shiva who received the force of her fall on his head. Hindus believe that their most sacred river, which sustains millions of people in the north Indian plains, still comes from the head of Shiva.

Shiva is a god of contradictory traits. At times he is portrayed as an ascetic, deep in contemplation, at others as a loving husband and father, but yet at times he destroys to keep the world in balance. He is thought to be like the monsoon rains which can bring destructive floods but sustain all life in India. All knowledge and fine arts are supposed to originate from Shiva; one of the enduring images of this god is as a cosmic dancer.