Unworthy one, you feel that you are ready to take this, the Test of Enlightenment? We shall see! Since you are shamelessly un-Korean, I doubt you will do well. But non-Koreans are used to that. Not doing well. At anything. Heh Heh.

1. It is a known fact that after one has been with Sinanju for a time that the body changes and adjusts. Of the following, what is the most toxic to a Master Of Sinanju?

  1. Cyanide
  2. Sun Flower Seed Oil
  3. Monosodium Glutamate
  4. Fatty Acids

2. The White Thing, Remo, who constantly bends his elbow, was at one time electrocuted at the command of Emperor Smith. A short time after this, Remo was introduced to the wondrous Chiun. What was the name of the place where Remo was supposedly killed?

  1. Folsum Federal Prison
  2. Trenton State Prison
  3. Marion State Prison
  4. Boston County Jail

3. Mr. Gordons, the product of drunkard American Female Scientists, has a strange greeting. "Hello Is All Right" is the first thing he says when meeting someone. How did he come by this greeting?

  1. Watching a cartoon
  2. From a Marine Sergeant
  3. From his drunk creator
  4. From Remo

4. Mr.Gordons once greeted a noble, intelligent, forgiving, Master Of Sinanju with the above stupid greeting. What did this most kind M.O.S. reply?

  1. Goodbye is better!
  2. What does that mean, stupid machine?
  3. Remo, this must be a relative of yours - he is white, like you!
  4. Nothing - he just walked away

5. There are now over 105 books proclaiming the greatness of Sinanju. How many of the titles of these begin with the word "last"? Unbelievable. You would think that the liars, Sapir and Murphy, would by now realize that we are a True House. There will never be a "last" of anything in Sinanju!

  1. Two
  2. Four
  3. Six
  4. Eight (who do we appreciate!)

6. There was once an attempt to show the world the wisdom and greatness that is Chiun on the television. This was many years ago, and has been forgotten. Just as well - Barbara Streisand would not sing the theme song. They even had a non-Korean savage play the roll of Chiun! Who was this person?

  1. Joel Grey
  2. Roddey McDowel
  3. Mako
  4. Anthony Daniels

7. Remo, being the reincarnation of the God Shiva, faces many challenges beyond normal men. Being Sinanju, he is of course as far above normal men as the moon is above the Earth. However, his nemesis Kali is Remo's equal, and holds power over him. The last time Shiva and Kali met, I, the wondrous Chiun, helped vanquish Kali. However, Kali has already moved to take over another female, one that will eventually face Remo in battle. Who is this female?

  1. Ruby Gonzalez
  2. Freya
  3. Jilda
  4. Ms. Smith

8. Shiva has a place of rest at the center of the universe. What is this celestial residence called?

  1. Shiva Brundi
  2. Chidam Barum
  3. Tai Chhirumm
  4. Ra Kris Brundi

9. When Kali and Shiva meet, they do a death dance, one that when completed will leave the world a ruin. What is this dance called?

  1. The Tandava
  2. The Morte Duet
  3. The Macerana
  4. The Chhirumm

10. Remo was finally allowed to pursue his First Gold, gold to do with as he pleased. What form did this gold take?

  1. Gold bars
  2. Gold coins
  3. Gold ore
  4. Gold apples

There. It is done. That is the second of my tests, slightly more difficult than the first. Is your intellect above that of grapefruit? View the answers and we shall see!