88 - The Ultimate Death

Remo and Chiun in a ghoulish game of chicken with a foe out for blood

Warning: Death is bad for your health

The great health-food movement in America was a victim of fowl play. Folks who had switched from prime beef to pure poultry were winding up dead meat. The country's Chicken King was squaking at the top of his lungs, the flesh-starved citizenry was yelling blur murder, and Remo and Chiun were the only one to know that a vegetarian vampire was on the loose. But even the indefatigable Destroyer and his omnipotent Oriental mentor did not know how to stop this friend feasting on cold vengeance and warm blood...

My Humble, Yet Wise, Comments

An old foe is back for blood. If the entire country must die, so be it! This guy wants Remo and Chiun - bad! When it comes down to it, Remo screwed up in the past with some bad form! Yep, Remo's elbow was bent and a death-blow didn't do it. So the intended corpse is royally pissed off.

Chiun thinks Remo is trying to poison him, Remo is ticked - and someone is going to pay. This was a cool one. Remo and Chiun are at it again and even Shiva stops by to say hello.

Chiun is poisoned and trapped in visions of hell, where he must confront his past...and only one "spirit" can save him!

The vampires ("Gyonshi") are on the loose, and only the masters of Sinanju can save the country - if they can save themselves first!