100 - Last Rites

Sinanju Graphic

Live the greatest adventure yet in Destroyer #100. 
Special introduction by Warren Murphy.



The Sinanju Rite of Attainment sounds like a nightmare for Remo Williams. But as the desciple of the last Korean Master, he can't play hooky.

Bounced around the world to perform the Labors of Hercules, Remo finds the days no joy and the nights sheer hell that stretch his warrios skills to the limit.

And when the final challenge comes, Remo realizes that somebody's dying is the only prize to be won...


My Humble, Yet Wise, Comments

#100 is the first Destroyer I read (I got a LATE start.) It hooked me. Who the hell is this guy? Where did he learn all this cool stuff? The humor, satire, puns, carping, bickering, and on, and on - all the best rolled into one volume.

Remo comes full circle. Sister Mary is dieing...Remo still seeks his dad (and finds him...)...a missing master, centuries dead, is discovered...Remo attains full masterhood... What more can you ask for? Well, perhaps another 100 books...

Not to mention that Remo's Sinanju Gene's are driving every stewardess to peaks of sexual frustration...