Destroyer Series Guide

Chiun, Remo Williams, Smith and CURE, Mr. Gordons, Friend - these are just some of the memorable characters found in the Destroyer series, one of the most popular book series in the world. Or the Void.

  Follow our favorite Master Of Sinanju (ok, Masters) as they save the Constitution and our decadent life as we know it. Of course, Remo Williams and Chiun go about it in their own special Sinanju way...

This tribute to Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy contains reviews, cover shots, information, links to The Destroyer series characters and more.

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Mr. Gordons Bio 


bulletThe Assassin's Handbook
bulletInside Sinanju
bulletRemo Williams, The Adventure Begins
bullet1 - Created, The Destroyer
bullet2 - Death Check 
bullet3 - Chinese Puzzle 
bullet4 - Mafia Fix
bullet5 - Dr. Quake
bullet6 - Death Therapy 
bullet7 - Union Bust 
bullet8 - Summit Chase
bullet9 - Murder's Shield
bullet10 - Terror Squad
bullet11 - Kill Or CURE
bullet12 - Slave Safari
bullet13 - Acid Rock
bullet14 - Judgment Day
bullet15 - Murder Ward
bullet16 - Oil Slick
bullet17 - Last War Dance
bullet18 - Funny Money
bullet19 - Holy Terror
bullet20 - Assassin's Play-Off
bullet21 - Deadly Seeds
bullet22 - Brain Drain
bullet23 - Child's Play
bullet24 - King's Curse
bullet25 - Sweet Dreams
bullet26 - In Enemy Hands
bullet27 - The Last Temple
bullet28 - Ship Of Death
bullet29 - The Final Death
bullet30 - Mugger Blood
bullet31 - The Head Men
bullet32 - Killer Chromosomes
bullet33 - Voodoo Die
bullet34 - Chained Reaction
bullet35 - Last Call
bullet36 - Power Play
bullet37 - Bottom Line
bullet38 - Bay City Blast
bullet39 - Missing Link
bullet40 - Dangerous Games
bullet41 - Firing Line
bullet42 - Timber Line
bullet43 - Midnight Man
bullet44 - Balance Of Power
bullet45 - Spoils Of War
bullet46 - Next Of Kin
bullet47 - Dying Space
bullet48 - Profit Motive 
bullet49 - Skin Deep
bullet50 - Killing Time
bullet51 - Shock Value
bullet52 - Fool's Gold
bullet53 - Time Trial
bullet54 - Last Drop 
bullet55 - Master's Challenge 
bullet56 - Encounter Group
bullet57 - Date With Death 
bullet58 - Total Recall
bullet59 - The Arms Of Kali 
bullet60 - The End of the Game 
bullet61 - Lords Of The Earth 
bullet62 - The Seventh Stone 
bullet63 - The Sky Is Falling
bullet64 - The Last Alchemist
bullet65 - Lost Yesterday
bullet66 - Sue Me
bullet67 - Look Into My Eyes
bullet68 - An Old-Fashioned War
bullet69 - Blood Ties
bullet70 - The Eleventh Hour 
bullet71 - Return Engagement
bullet72 - Sole Survivor 
bullet73 - Line Of Succession
bullet74 - Walking Wounded
bullet75 - Rain of Terror 
bullet76 - The Final Crusade
bullet77 - Coin of the Realm 
bullet78 - Blue Smoke And Mirrors
bullet79 - Shooting Schedule 
bullet80 - Death Sentence
bullet81 - Hostile Takeover
bullet82 - Survival Course
bullet83 - Skull Duggery
bullet84 - Ground Zero 
bullet85 - Blood Lust
bullet86 - Arabian Nightmare
bullet87 - Mob Psychology 
bullet88 - The Ultimate Death 
bullet89 - Dark Horse 
bullet90 - Ghost In The Machine 
bullet91 - Cold Warrior 
bullet92 - The Last Dragon 
bullet93 - Terminal Transmission 
bullet94 - Feeding Frenzy 
bullet95 - High Priestess 
bullet96 - Infernal Revenue
bullet97 - Identity Crisis 
bullet98 - Target Of Opportunity 
bullet99 - The Color Of Fear 
bullet100 - Last Rites 
bullet101 - Bidding War 
bullet102 - Unite And Conquer
bullet103 - Engines Of Destruction
bullet104 - Angry White Mailmen
bullet105 - Scorched Earth
bullet106 - White Water
bullet107 - Feast or Famine
bullet108 - Bamboo Dragon
bullet109 - American Obsession
bullet110 - Never Say Die
bullet111 - Prophet Of Doom
bullet112 - Brain Storm
bullet113 - The Empire Dreams
bullet114 - Failing Marks
bullet115 - Misfortune Teller
bullet116 - The Final Reel
bullet117 - Deadly Genes
bullet118 - Killer Watts
bullet119 - Fade To Black
bullet120 - The Last Monarch
bullet121 - A Pound of Prevention
bullet122 - Syndication Rites
bullet123 - Disloyal Opposition
bullet124 - By Eminent Domain
bullet125 - The Wrong Stuff
bullet126 - Air Raid
bullet127 - Market Force
bullet128- The End of the Beginning
bullet129 - Father to Son