It is well known that Sinanju has served emperors, potentates, Caesar's, kings, and tyrants throughout time immemorial. What is not so well known is that others have willingly served the greater good of Sinanju. This sacred scroll, printed on rare Albino Egyptian Yak hide (with ink made from the blood of the vanquished), contains the names and deeds of these honored few. Hail the followers of Sinanju, may your life be long, your death painless, your fortunes large, and your business for the house plenty. Your wisdom is limitless, your greatness without bounds, and your might a rival to that of Atlas himself.

Jerry Welch

Provided the amazing Korean Covers
that you'll find on this site!

Chris F.

It was rumored that Chiun finally sold a story to the television networks. Chris proved this by sending us a copy of the 1 hour pilot. To add to his glory, he also sent a full size copy of the original movie poster, and a copy of a magazine novella.

Bill O.

Did unearth the long lost "Destroyer" full color 7"x10" book size illustrated novel by Marvel Comics, and supply it to this humble servant of Sinanju.


Discovered a long lost portrait of the noble Chiun, and the accompanying letter. This he sent by messenger from his noble house to ours.

Chris K.

Gave over a dozen Destroyer novels in trade for a single novel. This personage understands the treasure that is Sinanju.

Geof Darrow

Searched high and low across France for French Editions of the series (L'Implacable) - he unearthed over 25 of them for me. Usually in train stations and seedy book stores. It seems that the French consider the Destroyer to be a trash book. What can you expect from a nation in love with Jerry Louis.

Look for Geof's amazing Sci-Fi comic art and animated series - his art was also the basis for much of what you saw in "The Matrix!"
(alas, no Destroyer related projects)