Save The Screens!

AG00062_.gif (7566 bytes)Can't get enough of the Destroyer?  Tired of your ugly non-Destroyer Screen Saver? Worry no more - life is good. Here's a free screen saver featuring artwork from our favorite institution, The Destroyer!

This screen saver contains five different image sets that load in sequence, each lasting 60 seconds, then starting over.

AG00023_.gif (6280 bytes)1) Comic covers
2) Magazine Covers
3) International Book Covers
4) Assorted TV, movie, and misc. images.
5) The Destroyer mini-poster

~Tested on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT~

Download Screen Saver (right mouse-click and chose "save")
Copy the SCR file to the same directory as your other screen savers.

Just think of the Ung Poem Chiun would make from this background...

All hail Sinanju, and the Glory known as Chiun.
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