Rice. Just Friggin Rice.

Think about it. Day in and day out. Rice. I don't need breakfast or lunch. Eating once a day is more than enough. Sure there's the occasional Duck (God how I hate Duck), and Chiun even tried Lemon Egg Shell Soup on me. Sneaky way of making my nails stronger and longer. Chiun and his friggin nails!

I know more about rice than I ever wanted to. Shades. Colors. Smell. Texture. If you've read more than a few Destroyer's, you should too. Let's see what you know about rice. It's a pain, but that's the biz, sweetheart.

Here are 9 different types of rice. Match the description to the picture. Then go have a hamburger. With cheese. And mayo. A greasy 1 pound hamburger. I hate rice.




Wild Rice: Not really a rice, but an aquatic grass. Popular on the Isle of Moo?

Christmas Red: Short-grain, brown rice. Stays red even after cooked.
Used for the "Feast of the Pig?"

Arborio: Short-Grain, high starch, creamy rice.

Sweet: Opaque, sticky, sweet Asian rice. Popular with Sushi.

Long-Grain Brown: Actually a white rice with the germ attached,
making it more nutritious and adding flavor. Smith hates it.

Long-Grain American Basmati: Rich, buttery, white rice.

Black Sweet: No, not Ruby. This is a mushroomy tasting brown rice.

Jasmine: Long-grain white rice with floral scent. Chiun loves the stuff.

Short-Grain Brown: Nutty flavored starchy rice. Clumps well.
Remo tosses wads of it at the ceiling. Sticks well.

And yes - there is even more friggin rice. But this is a good start.
Or a bad start (if you hate the stuff.)

Here are the answers. Good luck. You'll need it.