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Interestingly, the story "Terminal Velocity" was used originally in the 1989 issue of "All Star Action Heroes." Called "Terminal Philosophy", the four page story featured the cover artwork from the magazine compilation, and the cover from Magazine #1 as the story lead-in.


(Thanks to Chris Fels
for sending me this story!)

March, 1991

Vol. 2, No. 1
(Vol.1 was the magazine series)

"Drive-By Heaven"

Like we really need Remo and Chiun to stop a street gang!  OK, so the gang has a car-mounted 50cal machine gun stolen from Uncle Sam.   Why send in our favorite Sinanju Masters when a cop with decent aim will do?!

"Terminal Velocity"

People around the Empire State Building are being murdered by falling coins.  Eventually we find out it's a guy in a blimp with a gun that fires dimes.

Overall this comic was pretty bad.  Chiun looked horrible, Remo must have been based on Jean Claude Van Damme (his looks anyway), and the stories were NOT Destroyer material.  No quality villains at all.

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