Sword Of Sinanju - Long and sharp...

His name was Remo and he was Surfin' the net. "Hey Chiun, check this out - I found a Web Site dedicated to The Matrix!" At this, a high pitched wail issued forth from across the room. "Remo, you pale piece of a pigs ear! You have the intellect of a rice cake. Stop reading about those dancers in virtual hilarity and make dinner. Duck would be good. Rice cake. he, he."

Remo Williams and Chiun. The Destroyer and CURE. Sinanju. If these names have a special meaning to you, if a chill runs down your spine when you see a new Destroyer book on the shelf, and you laugh out loud in public while reading them, then you are a true fan. A little sick - but a good kind of sick. Look here for reviews, series compilation, general information, and more! This is the labor of an obsessive Destroyer fan, and an ongoing project. It is continually updated and improved, toyed with and added to.

Everyone should take The Sinanju Tests. How much do you know about rice? About the series? Test #1 will even automatically grade you.

Let's not forget one on the best (and longest lived) ongoing gags . . . the Steps To Sexual Ecstasy.

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Move your Tatami Mat forward, kick of your sandals, sit back, and peruse the information contained here. Any comments are welcome! I would like to thank Jim Mullaney (the current author) and Will Murray (the main previous author) for the info they provided, and of course the series creators, Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.