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Inventory Listing Last updated 02/14/09

What are the Sinanju Traders?   We're fellow fan(atics) who have gone through the trials, tribulations, search, discovery, and had the experience of unearthing these past issues.  We know the pain it can be!!! So we buy and trade all the books we can, and make them available to you!

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Books For Trade....
I also trade 2 for 1
(2 of yours to one of mine)  If you trade, the books must be in VG or better condition. No tears, missing pages, etc.  You pay shipping to me, and I pay it to you (in the USA.) What books do I want? Any titles I have two or fewer copies of, The Assassin's Handbook, Inside Sinanju, and the Movie Tie-Ins (USA and European.)

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 Prices & Shipping Information

All books are $4.75 each
Exceptions (These cost me a lot more):
#1, #100, and the Movie Tie-In: $8 each
Corgi (European) editions: $6.50 each

I'm just a fan like yourself, and shop around for these back issues - I remember how hard it finding them all when I needed to complete my collection!  Hopefully the prices will stay here, but my cost keeps going up! All books are used, unless noted.

Shipping: $1.50 for the first book, 45 for each additional book (US Funds).

NOTE: I ship via the post office.  This is uninsured - if you want insurance, add $1.50 to the shipping.  If you want UPS, you can figure the shipping charges  for yourself at UPS.COM . My shipping zip is 60455.  

Figure 3 books make one lb.  I really prefer USPS for shipping in the continental US if you are ordering more than 8 books.  Average cost is under $6.50 - you get tracking and insurance.   Sorry, I can't be responsible for lost orders!  If unsure - insure!

If you order 10 or more books, I'll go either UPS or USPS, depending on the final ship price with insurance.  If you are in a hurry, I can ship Priority Mail - but this can be expensive. $5.00 for the first 1 lb, $1.20 for each additional lb. Flat rate boxes are $9.00 and hold around 20 books!

Mail orders to

Rick Drew - Sinanju Traders
9923 S. Ridgeland Ave.
Chicago Ridge IL 60453

Fax: 708-430-3470
Phone: 708-430-5070

Payment: Check, Money Order, or PayPal.

PayPal:  My account name is

If outside the USA, shipping is via Air Mail, Insured. Shipping will be by quote only - I don't want to over charge you or short myself. For a general idea - Global Priority Mail is cheaper than Air Mail, but costs  $9.75-$15.00 per envelope. 

One envelope will fit a maximum of four books.  You can go to the Post Office site and get exact prices from Illinois (Zip: 60459) to your country.  Air Mail averages $8.00-$11.00 for 7 books.