Remo Williams Soundtrack CD Cover
1.  Main Title
2.  Remo's Fanfare
3.  Knife
4.  Rear Ended
5.  Remo Steals the Ambulance
6.  Meet Chiun
7.  Rooftop Running
8.  Obstacle Course
9.  Ferris Wheel Time
10.  Wonder Wheel
11.  Chiun's Ferris Wheel Theme
12.  Remo Floats
13.  The Plot Thickens
14.  Elevator Encounter
15.  The Statue
16.  Liberty Chase
17.  Remo's Revenge
18.  Wet Cement
19.  Chiun & Remo
20.  Smart Dogs
21.  Military
22.  Rats
23.  Escape
24.  Mac Self Inflicts
25.  Mount Promise
26.  Exploring Assignment
27.  Log Chase
28.  Grove Gets It
29.  Chiun Walks On Water/Remo's Big Ending
30.  Organ Music
Considered by many to be one of Craig Safan's best soundtracks, the music was created on a combination of authentic Korean instruments, 60 piece orchestra and keyboards.  "Remo Floats" is my favorite track, and probably the most popular one from the movie.  The movie's ending theme "What If" was not by Craig Safan and is not on the CD.

Original recording at Warner Brothers Burbank studio from Aug. 27-29, 1985.

This release is quite a bit different from the limited release that was released at the same time as the movie. That CD was a promotional item in limited release and had far fewer tracks.

This re-release is very difficult to find, but I have a few copies. These are original, factory sealed. $20 including shipping (within the USA.)

eMail me if you wish to order the CD! rick at!

From the inside back cover. I have no idea where this photo is from...
Remo was never in a wet suit in the movie!

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