Mannerisms and Footnotes

*See eyes-only file, heading: Sobriety Challenged

First known contact: Document 18, code named "Funny Money." Summary: Created for the space program as a replacement for manned space flight. A breakthrough in technology, Mr. Gordons can assimilate anything he/it comes in contact with, presumably as an aid to survival.

For some reason, Gordons' CPU/core unit was located in his stomach.  Theory: the stomach was safest location for this critical component.

Gordon's has concluded that money is the solution to any problem, so he counterfeits it. Goal: software to enhance his creativity, thus increasing survival potential. His current creative potential is that of a 5 year old child. In other words, volatile, temperamental, and not very well thought out.

Agents Remo and Chiun attempted destruction of Mr. Gordons by incineration under rocket engine at Dr. Carlton's facility. Remo believes he heard Mr. Gordons escape. Whereabouts unknown.
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See Document #22, code named "Brain Drain." Mr. Gordons continues his search of  a means to enhance his creativity (in Hollywood of all places.) Gordons assumed the name "Mr. Regal" as a simple method to avoid detection.  Agents Remo and Chiun report that the Gordons core was located in his right foot. Perhaps Gordons saw a screen of a movie about Achilles?

Agent Chiun assures me that he personally destroyed the Gordons control unit (core) by destroying the units right foot.
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See Document #47, code named "Dying Space." Apparently Master Chiun was mistaken. Mr. Gordons assimilated various components after being disposed of in a garbage dump.  Analysis of the disposal area indicates a high concentration of electronics, micro-film, and advanced scientific instruments, including a LC111.

After assimilating these components, Mr. Gordons appears to have increased his knowledge base  and computational powers.  After escaping detection, Mr. Gordons became allied with the Russian space program.

Agents Remo and Chiun appear to have struck a bargain with Mr. Gordons and convinced him that his best chance for survival would be in deep space.

Note: Agents report that Mr. Gordons expressed "love" (the emotion!) for a Dr. Payton-Holmes at the Russian Volga space project.

Mr. Gordons was last seen aboard the Volga spacecraft as it launched. Agent Chiun assures me that Gordons is gone for good, even though the android had a burning desire to eliminate the pair from Sinanju.  As the Volga is a deep space probe, I believe we have seen the last of Mr. Gordons.
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See Document #72, codenamed "Sole Survivor." Mr. Gordons, true to his nature, survived, and perceiving Remo and Chiun as a constant threat, returned to Earth by assimilating the Russian Space Shuttle.

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