As you know doubt know, these scribblings were put on film so the western mind could comprehend the glory of Chiun and Sinanju. For some unfathomable reason,  my pupil,  Remo Williams the clumsy, has his name plastered on these. Shameful! Many people ask "Why was there only a single movie? A single TV episode?" I will tell you. Ingratitude.  The naming of the movie after what's his name, I attributed to western ignorance. Naming the TV episode after the same clumsy ox, I deemed an insult.

These greedy cretins were contemplating making another TV series. Columbia/Tri-Star TV announced production of a Destroyer TV series for 1999.  It was slightly more than a rumor, and would have been be live-action, not animated.  Now it's slightly less than a rumor. It is nothing. Perhaps this time they will would have called it by the appropriate title, "The Story of The Glorious Chiun and the many trials put upon him by an ungrateful white man, what's-his-name."


Original, 2nd, and 3rd video box versions...Remo Williams:

All true fans have seen  the movie several
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Chiun and Remo on TV
Aired 8/15/88
7:00pm CST, ABC

After the movie was released, the Destroyer seemed destined for TV. Unfortunately the pilot was the only episode aired. Now with RealVideo clips from the show!

There was a CD of the instrumental score, and a tie-in 45 vinyl of the vocal  released in 1985. Info, lyrics, Real Audio sample, and more!

The Remo Williams Dream Cast?

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