The Remo Williams movie soundtrack really captures the mood of the film and characters. Everyone I know who's seen the movie can still remember the opening bars of the soundtrack. It was written by Craig Safan, a popular movie soundtrack composer (although not as popular as John Williams or Gerry Goldsmith.) The Remo soundtrack was never generally released, although a limited number of CD's were pressed as promo pieces. These can be found at some special order record stores for $40-$95, although $45 seems to be the norm. Good luck though - they were "out of print" a few years ago.

A buddy of mine has the CD and is willing to make CD dupes for $20.00 each, including shipping. E-mail me at for details.

I had a few, but they're all gone.  I still have my own copy, though. Really does sound great!

One of the tracks, "Crave gets it", is an obvious typo on the album.

See the bottom of the page for the Tommy Shaw / MISSING MUSIC information!

Here's a taste of what's on the CD...

Title Time
Main Title <real audio! 3:02
New Identity 2:24
Ambulance Steal 2:27
Meet Chiun 6:01
Rooftops 3:12
Climbing Test 4:30
Chiun Fights 1:09
Remo Floats 2:12
The Statue 2:27
Liberty Chase 4:36
Wet Cement 2:30
Chiun And Remo 2:42
Smart Dogs 4:28
Military Base 3:40
Back To Base 0:42
Exploring Assignment 3:46
Log Chase 7:07
Crave Gets It (typo on CD cover!) 1:40
Remo's Big Ending 2:00

What If (Remo's Theme)

The movie soundtrack is the instrumental only. "Remo's theme (What If?) " was by Tommy Shaw, formerly of Styx, solo, and other groups. What If? can be found on on of Tommy Shaw's solo albums, also called "What If?" It's also on 45 Vinyl - good luck on finding it. Last I saw, it was available as a Japanese import. I ordered one ($20) but was informed it was no longer available! So I called a local store known for it's collection of Vinyl (records, not tops) - they had one copy! Now it's mine, all mine.  Here's what the single looks like (It's a real single - 7", on Vinyl, no less)

Tommy Shaw is a teen-girl idol, so this .45 keeps getting re-released, but without the "Remo" cover. Many specialty shops carry it for around $20.00 as a Japanese import. I have seen it on E-bay a few times as well!


I've even found the lyrics for the song.  Take a look!

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