In the America's it was known as Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Everywhere else, it was Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous. Originally it was Remo Williams and the Secret or Sinanju (the book tie-in is still referenced as this in most book databases!)

Behind The Scenes - Making The Movie
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Sinanju Graphic

Remo and Chiun come to the Big Screen! In America it was Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins. Everywhere else it was Remo Williams, Unarmed and Dangerous. The only real difference was the Statue of Liberty scene. When the bad guy is eliminated at the base of Liberty, the international version has the baddie impaled on a rack of steel spikes (just the kind of thing left lying around a construction site!) The USA viewers can catch a glimpse of it at the statue's base.

Released in 1985 by Orion Pictures - Available on Video
Joel Grey as Chiun - Fred Ward as Remo - Wilford (Oat Meal) Brimly as Dr. Smith

Nominated for an Academy Award! Best make-up for 1985.

The Europen Cover...
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The Rental Version Cover
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The Original Consumer Cover

The New Release Consumer Cover
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And the long awaited DVD cover!

Don't rent it until after reading a few Destroyer's! The basic story line is the same as the books, although the creation of the Destroyer is totally changed. This time he is a cop that drowns, and wakes up is a hospital bed and gets named after a bed-pan. Meets Smith is a bank basement (no Folcroft), and is told about CURE. His first assignment is to kill this annoying, harmless little old oriental guy that does chopsaki...

After Remo meets Chiun for the first time is when the movie takes off. The interaction between them is GREAT - hell, you believe that this IS Chiun.

If you have not seen the movie - rent it! When I first saw it, at the cinema, I had not yet read (or heard of) the Destroyer series. The movie was OK, but no big deal. THEN I read some of the books and rented the movie - what a difference! I noticed new things, saw new humor, and understood MUCH more of it. What was with the soaps? The bizarre moves? I read the books and found enlightenment!

Joel Grey did a fantastic job as Chiun. The attitude and voice were what I expected of the glorious, kind, considerate, and humble Chiun! Fred Ward did a good job as Remo as well - he even looks like the newer drawings of Remo on the book covers! Unfortunately, it's said that Warren Murphy did not like Joel's Grey's portrayal of Chiun.

Did you notice on the video cover....
a bandaid
on Remo's finger?!

Cast (in credits order)

Fred Ward Remo Williams
Joel Grey Chiun
Wilford Brimley Harold Smith
J.A. Preston Conn MacCleary
George Coe General Scott Watson
Charles Cioffi George Grove
Kate Mulgrew Major Rayner Fleming
Patrick Kilpatrick Stone
Michael Pataki Jim Wilson
Davenia McFadden N.Y. Traffic Control Cop
Cosie Costa Private Damico
J.P. Romano Boomer #1
Joel Kramer Boomer #2
Frank Ferrara Boomer #3
Marv Albert Sports Announcer
Ray Woodfork Hood #1
Phil Nielson Hood #2
Webster Whinery Hood #3
Frank Simpson Senior Police Officer
Dodi Kenan Nurse
Reginald Vel Johnson Ambulance Driver
Jon Polito Zack
Michael Ryan Sergeant Sullivan
Jeff Allin Lieutenant Fox
Will Jeffries Young Captain
Sebastian Ligarde Private Johnson
Roger Cudney Captain Young
Duane B. Clark Logger
John Christianson Logger
Philip Culotta Soldier Driver
Tom McBride Jim/Soap Opera
Andrew MacMillan Doctor/Soap Opera
Wendy Gazelle Linda/Soap Opera
William Hickey The Coney Island Barker
Suzanne Snyder Nurse/Soap Opera

The Remo Williams Dream Cast?