As you know doubt know, these scribblings were put on film so the western mind could comprehend the glory of Chiun and Sinanju. For some unfathomable reason,  my pupil,  Remo Williams the clumsy, has his name plastered on these pieces of western entertainment.  Shameful! Many people ask "Oh noble Chiun, he who brings beauty to a room just by entering it, why was there only a single movie? A single TV episode?" I will tell you. Ingratitude.  The naming of the movie after what's his name, I attributed to western ignorance. Naming the TV episode after the same clumsy ox, I deemed an insult. End of movies. End of TV series.

These greedy cretins were contemplating making another TV series. Columbia/Tri-Star TV announced production of a Destroyer TV series for 1999.  It was slightly more than a rumor, some wanted a cartoon, others live action. It was decided that live-action, would be better than animated. Why? Remo was never animated. He can barely move.  Now it's slightly less than a rumor. It is nothing. Again, you may ask, "Oh glorious Chiun, why is this?" I will tell you. They would not call it by the appropriate title, "The Story of The Glorious Chiun and the many trials put upon him by an ungrateful white thing, what's-his-name."

The Destroyer Movie

The Destroyer TV Pilot

The best part: Chiun's great one liners. The worst? The movie's take on CURE. The best part: Remo and Chiun's interaction. The worst? Remo's roller skating rumble.
Like most movies, there's a lot of interesting stuff out there. A soundtrack, button, posters, and more. Released worldwide, with different art and title.

Original, 2nd, and 3rd video release covers

The TV pilot was a one shot deal. Basically it aired to fill a hole caused by a writers strike. But it did have promise! Released worldwide in several languages.

A shot of Remo and Chiun