Harold W. Smith finds a disturbing pattern of kidnappings, murder, and white slavery...all leading to the U.S.Virgin Islands...

He assigns CURE's enforcement arm, Remo Williams to "take care of it, but with fewer bodies this time." Remo and Chiun depart for the USVI...where they discover the one man that Remo can not kill, is in fact forbidden to kill.

Meanwhile, back at CURE, Smith discovers that his security has been compromised, and someone has downloaded the contents of his massive data library. All signs point to IDC. Smith turns to Anna Chutesov for a helping hand...

Sure it's all a dream, but here's my idea for a cast...Perhaps if we all bombard the Sci-Fi Channel...

Remo Williams

Master Of Sinanju. Don't piss him off. He'll have plenty of trouble this time around!

Adrian Paul: The Highlander. He now has a hair cut, and lost the pony tail - Drop the fake accent, and it's Remo. He has some decent movies, the right amount of cockiness, and a sense of humor. I was surprised - almost all of you liked this pick!


Gentile and noble. Puts up with ingrate named Remo. Keeps him alive as well when Nuihc is around.

Joel Grey: Enough said. Just drop the stupid fur / sheepskin coat.

The Dutchman

Student of Nuihc, antithesis to Remo. Wants to see Remo as toast, and take over the world (ala, Pinky and the Brain.)

Taking suggestions - No one liked Rutger.


Chiun's nephew, betrayed Sinanju. Wants to be the only Master of Sinanju, and will not rest until Remo is deceased and Chiun is gone.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: He was Shang Tsung in Mortal Combat, Eddie Sakamura in Rising Sun, Sanga in Kickboxer 2.




Jet Li: Leathal Wepon III, Kiss of the Dragon, more.

Harold Smith

Boring, cheap, and lemony. Grey too. Will have his hands full with these Anna and Holly.

William Daniels: You know him as the voice from Knight Rider's Kit, plus St. Elsewhere and Boy Meets World. He's got the patrition lemony look, and the New England voice.

Anna Chutesov

The fantastic Russian spy. Sexy, deadly, and in love with Remo. Feared by her bosses, she knows about CURE.

Framke Janssen: She was in GoldenEye, and looks the part. As Dan Nichols said "I don't care what part she plays, I just want to see her naked."

Holly Broon

Heir to the IDC fortune, tries to take over CURE and sees it as a tool for world domination. Plus Remo domination.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Can you picture her as sexy, smart, and deadly? Oh yea. As Rick Drew said "I don't care what part she plays, I just want to see her naked. (so, I stole Dan's quote.)

Opening Scene: A white child with light blonde hair is wandering down a jungle path, looking dazed and lost. Indian children come out of the jungle taunting him. He glares at one of them. The Indian child screams as the flesh on his arms starts to burn. Fade out...

Another small white child, dark hared, is sitting behind an old-fashioned school desk, staring straight ahead. We see a grimy, dirty cityscape through a cracked window beyond the child. A Catholic nun raps the child over the knuckles with a ruler, saying to the class "Mr. Williams can't seem to remember the lesson...now repeat after me..." Fade out...

Back to the jungle, a dark hared oriental man, obviously well bred and wealthy, takes the small blonde boy in hand, telling him that he understands. He will show the child how to use his powers, that they are a gift, not a curse. More shots covering two decades, showing the child growing, using his powers. The child, now now a man, is shown heading towards an island on an expensive yacht. He stares at a small ship almost on the horizon. It explodes. The oriental smiles - he has not aged at all since he found the boy in the jungle, decades earlier...

Fade in to a room, stark white, but dimly lit. The walls are packed with state of the art computers, racks of DVD drives, CD drives, and many small blinking lights. All the panels come to life, all the drives activate. Fade in to a blonde woman, at a terminal, obviously accessing the above mentioned equipment...

Fade to black...a voice..."His name was Remo and he was late for dinner..." fade in to Remo knocking on the front door of a mansion. A burly guard opens the door. Remo notices the bulge of a gun under the right armpit. "Hi. Is the criminal of the house in please? I'm out today dispensing justice, and don't really have any time to waste. I have to pick up some Lee Chi rice and fresh duck before 4pm..."