Remo Williams...Kickboxer?

The depiction of Remo in the back of this issue is a classic!

Mmmm, mmmm, good eats!

Magazine   #8
"America Is Worth A Life"

Namely, MacCleary's. A truly bizarre story, this takes elements from the original "Created the Destroyer", (as well as several others) finally kills of Con MacCleary, and shows some great aspects of Remo's development and training.

Basically, CURE's computers are broken into, MacCleary is captured while investigating, Remo has to continue the investigation, and some bizarre paramilitary group is behind the entire mess.

Although...the training is overdone.  Alas, poor Remo.

"The So-Called Destroyer Solar System"
Artwork of our favorite characters, with bio's, and an introduction by Chiun.

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