The Destroyer - Sword Of Sinanju

Note: This page dates back to 1995 (when it was on my old site), but has been updated regularly.

Sinanju: It's a real place (click here for map)...
                 It's a great Book Series
                         And it's a factious Martial Art

I read the Destroyer #100 on August 1, 1995. Got hooked - the books are great. I actually laugh out loud reading them. They lampoon politicians, politics, other adventure novels, and more. After hunting high and low, I unearthed 73 other (prior to #100) soft-covers. As of Sept. 1, 1996, I'd read Seventy Destroyer novels. And they keep getting better! In December of 1996 I finally completed my quest, and now have a complete collection - almost - then I discovered the comics, foreign editions, etc. This site was created as a place for fellow fans to enjoy the books and the phenomenon that is The Destroyer.

I finally read them all, unearthed the TV episode, and found all the comics (Warren Murphy sent me the final four I needed!) I also found some of the foreign language editions, posters, and even more - all with the help of some really great fans of Sinanju!

Will Murray, author of over 50 of the Destroyer books has a great introduction to the series, written in 1989. You can see it here.

Throughout history, the North Korean, seaside village of Sinanju has supplied the world's great leaders with assassins. The art of Sinanju is the "true" martial art - all others are mere shadows. There is only one Master of Sinanju per generation (Sinanju being the name of the village and the martial art.) From the time of the Pharaohs they have been the most feared assassins in the world. A master can hold his breath over an hour, rip steel doors from their hinges, dodge bullets, overturn a moving tank, outrun a car, seem invisible - you get the idea. They have mastered the full potential of the human body.

The series takes us from the introduction of Remo Williams, a supposedly dead cop, to Chiun, the Master of Sinanju, up to the present. We see Remo's skills increase, and the bond between Remo and Chiun grow.

The current MOS (Master of Sinanju) was hired by a secret department (CURE) of the U.S. Government. This department was created to save the country from corruption, greed, and crime. After non-violent means fail, Chiun was hired. Since Sinanju has always worked for kings and emperors, Chiun (the current MOS), calls the head of CURE Emperor. Emperor Smith has had Chiun train a white, ungrateful, American as the next MOS. 

Remo Williams is this ingrate, a killer that is occasionally taken over by Shiva the Destroyer (the ancient eastern god of death, shatterer of worlds.) It may sound a little strange. That's because it is. But it's also some of the best reading around! In the past 10 years I have read over 3,000 books - Some of the Destroyer books rank in the very top!

The books in 2000 on have a more serious tone, and the hard core readers miss the outrageous humor found in the earlier books.

From killer flies, to a deranged Walt Disney (unfrozen, attempts to take over Cuba planning to turn it into a huge theme park), to a Japanese invasion of Yuma, AZ - the more outrageous the book, the better it gets. One on the best ongoing gags . . . the Steps To Sexual Ecstasy.

You can find the Destroyer series in your local book store, either under the "Men's Adventure", "Mystery", or "Fiction" sections. They are addictive!

I saw the Remo Williams movie years ago. I rented it after discovering the Destroyer series, and it was MUCH better! After reading some of the books I understood a lot more of the movie and characters. Even if some of the "facts" were tampered with, the interaction of Remo and Chiun is great.

The series went through some trying times a couple of years back. Three new authors in almost as many books had ruined the time-line of the series, but the newest author, Jim Mullaney had the books back on course. True fans of the series ignore 108, 109, and  110. They are pure crap. Take a Mack Bolan book and randomly change names to Remo or Chiun.  That's how poorly those three wastes of paper and ink read. 

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