Issue 1 has a Will Murray script, Lee Weeks art, and Joe Jusko cover. Issue 2 has a Will Murray script, Mike Manley pencils, Manley and Al Williamson inks, Dorian Vallejo cover. Issue 3 has a Will Murray script, Lee Weeks pencils, Chris Ivy, Win Mortimer, Mark Texeira & Lee Weeks inks. Earl Norem cover.

Issue 4 has a Will Murray script & Tom Morgan art in the story "Mass Hysteria" in which an illegal biogenetics experiment goes awry, turning a 98-pound weakling into a rampaging blue hulk, which Remo and Chiun will need all the skills of Sinanju to subdue. The second story has a Will Murray script and Steve Ditko art in "How the Thieving Ninja Came to Be," where Chiun reveals to Remo the secret origin of the dreaded Ninja. Cover by Mark Texiera.

Issue 5 has a Will Murray script, art by Lee Weeks and Chris Ivy in "The Fist of Gallah," in which Remo and Chiun take the high road to head off a terrorist suicide mission with nuclear consequences. And in "How Remo Came to Sinanju" there is a Will Murray script and Don Perlin art. Cover by Earl Norem.

Issue 6 has a Paul Mounts cover and a story by Will Murray. Art by Carmine Infantino and Tom Morgan in the story "Mafia Crossfire," in which Remo infiltrates the Mafia and becomes embroiled in the most treacherous double cross in crime history.

Issue 7 has a cover by Earl Norem. The story "Stone Killer" by Will Murray and art by Rick Levins and Chris Ivy, in which one by one the symbols of democracy come tumbling down -- as Remo and Chiun rush to Mount Rushmore to head off the most sinister face-lift ever conceived.

Issue 8 has a cover by Joe Chiodo. The story "America Is Worth a Life" is by Will Murray with art by Lee Weeks and Brett Blevins. In this story, "It started with a warning on Dr. Smith's terminal -- but before it was over, CURE would be shaken to its core." The second feature is "The So-Called Destroyer Solar System," where Chiun, master of Sinanju, reveals it all to you. Info by Will Murray. Art by James W. Fry and Bill Sienkiewicz. It is in the form of illustrated bio sheets.

Issue 9 has a cover by Lee Weeks and the story "Dr. Quake" by Will Murray with art by Rik Levins & Chris Ivy. In this issue, "An Earth-shaking invention threatens to sink California, and only Remo and Chiun can save America from "Dr. Quake." Also has an interview with Destroyer creator Warren Murphy.


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