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The missing message panels...
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January 1992

Vol. 3, No. 2

"Mayhem In The Morgue"

An original story pitting Remo against Nuihc, it looks like it takes place after #9 (Terror Squad) but before #16 (Oil Slick). Some material is taken from the books - like Remo sneaking a burger and almost buying the farm from the burned dead cow. The opening assignment will look familiar to fans of the books.

Nuich learns of Chiun and Remo's link to Folcroft, and starts severing the heads of the staff, until he finally gets Chiun to act.  But not until he kidnaps Smith and a comatose Remo.

This could be called "Chiun's Issue", because Remo is out for most of it.  And a bit of trivia: Nuihc uses a severed head to write a message on an office wall.  Someone at Marvel forgot to include the message.  Chiun later refers to it, and the reader has no idea what he is talking about!  Issue #4's "Junk Mail" page printed the panels - this time with the messages.

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