First seen in #78 (Blue Smoke and Mirrors), Krahseeva was the name Remo gave to the ghostly apparition after hearing it utter that word.  Chiun informed Remo that it is Russian for "Beautiful."

Basically it refers to a Japanese manufactured prototype suit that was stolen by the Russians. The vibration suit allows its occupant to walk through solid objects, and is the ideal theft/sabotage tool.

The suit is worn by Captain Rair Brashnikov, KGB. He is chosen for this important and dangerous mission because he fills stringent requirements.   He's small enough to fit in a suit sized to a fit Japanese man.

The suit also has the ability to use the phone system as a transportation conduit.   If the suit is activated while holding an active phone, the vibration suit (and it's occupant) is sucked in and transported to the answering phone.