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In the series, Kali is the foe of Shiva. Kali will take over a young woman and wreak havoc on the world, be it by strangling innocents with yellow scarves, or playing with world powers.

Kali knows that Remo is the human vessel for Shiva. She does her best to attract, trap, and kill Remo, bringing out Shiva.  Kali has a animal, irrestable scent that Remo/Shiva can not resist. He falls under the absolute control of Kali when he catches the scent.

When fighting in the Middle East, Remo falls totally under Kali's power. They have violent sex on a bed rotting corpses, and soon start the Tandava - the Dance to end the world. 



Kali is from the Golden Voyage of Sinbad. I used Rub N Buff Gold Leaf and Silver NU Finish
Car Wax (yes car wax) to get the polished steel look on the swords and gold trim.

ali was born from the brow of Durga during one of
the cosmic battles between the divine and the
demonic forces in Hindu mythology. She is
considered the "forceful" form or aspect of the
Great Goddess Durga. She effectively destroys evil
force. Today in India, where the Goddess has been
and continues to be widely worshipped, Kali is
especially appreciated. This particular image of Kali
draws from a number of sources and attempts to
convey her as celebratory and sensual, as well as