CURE, an acronym for, well, nothing at all.  It's simply the CURE for what ails the United States.

Created in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy, it is a top-secret government agency, outside of the government. CURE's billion-dollar budget is skimmed from other agencies, mainly FEMA.

Originally founded to fight organized crime, CURE's mission has expanded over the years. Originally intended to last just five years, and to combat crime with non-violent means, CURE found the problem much more severe than it had thought.

CURE is essentially an intelligence gathering device.  It has tens of thousands of individuals, from housewives to beat cops, crooks to lawyers (big gap there, huh?), judges to teachers. In addition, it's computers (the Folcroft Four) tap into every information system in existence.

Smith, a computer genius, created the equipment and software that accomplishes all of this.  These bits and pieces of scattered information are distilled into solid facts that CURE can act on.

Originally this action was behind the scenes. The local cops would find key evidence, a crooked judge would suddenly turn straight, grand juries received needed documentation, and the like.

After the first five years, CURE needed an enforcement arm - Conn MacCleary selected Remo Williams as that enforcement arm.

CURE is run by Harold Smith.  He decides what CURE does. The sitting president can only do two things: suggest/request help, and order CURE's termination. He can not order CURE to do anything.

CURE is not politically affiliated and has no secret agenda. It exists to fight crime and protect the constitution. CURE had operatives around the world, and headquarters out of Folcroft Sanitarium, in Rye New York.  Actually it operates out of Smith's office and the basement that houses the computers. Apart from that, it's actually a working sanitarium.