Deadly and skilled, Nuihc was Chiun's first student. He learned Sinanju before Remo, and was always better than Remo. Only Chiun could stop Nuihc, but it was against tradition for a master to kill anyone from Sinanju.

Nuihc always wears black, and is as cunning as they come. His and Remo's first meeting ended in a draw - but only because Chiun saved Remo. Assassin's Play Off saw the climax to Nuihc's games. Nuihc also trained The Dutchman.

Notice that Chiun is Nuihc in reverse? Chiun was originally known as Nuihc, but reversed* his name to show his contempt for Nuihc.

*Even though in Korean, Chiun reversed is not Nuihc. One of the more subtle mistakes in the series.