AKA, The Dutchman. A gifted child with the ability to cause fires and explosions with thought alone, he can also project complex illusions. Nuihc takes the child into his care, and eventually makes him a Master of Sinanju. Kind of like the Emperor and Darth Vader.

The Dutchman is Remo's opposite - they are linked in spirit and life. If one dies, so does the other. Thus when they battle, Remo must take care. The Dutchman is insane, and tries to battle to the death whenever he and Remo meet.

The Dutchman has what he calls "the beast" within him, a second personality that loves to kill, that thrives on pain, suffering, and death. This beast is harder to control as time goes on, eventually driving the Dutchman mad.

Even after he is defeated in #73, and placed in a padded cell in Folcroft, the Dutchman still causes trouble.

His pyro powers are astounding!