A viking warrior (shield maiden) from the secluded island of Lakluun, and the chosen warrior of her people. She is selected for the Master's Trial - a battle to the death with the current student of the Master of Sinanju.

She has the looks of a Norse Goddess, and Remo has anything BUT killing her on his mind. Actually, they first meet in a restaurant, and Remo has no idea who she is. He just knows that he wants her.

Jilda has eyes that change colors with her moods, and is more than a match for love-struck Remo. Remo is willing to surrender it all for her - CURE, Sinanju - even Chiun. But it is not to be. Jilda is wiser than Remo, and abandons him. Later, Remo learns from Chiun that she is carrying his child. Remo must keep Jilda and his child out of his life, for if The Dutchman discovers they exist, Remo knows he will surely kill them both.

Many years later Jilda and Remo will meet again - and Remo discovers that he has a daughter, Freya. But again, the Dutchman ruins the day. This time Remo leaves Jilda, but in parting gives his daughter a little of Sinanju.

Later, Kali takes over Freya, and Chiun unknowingly eliminates Jilda in self defense.