One of the longest lasting players in the Destroyer series, the Korean Shark is the bane of Remo, and love of Chiun. An anchorwoman at CBN news, her main goal in life is to have a baby (and do on air specials during the pregnancy.) Her other goal, and a pretty close call for first place, is to be the number one anchor person (a spot held by Don Cooder.)

Chiun is secretly in love with Cheeta. Remo openly hates her. Cheeta wants to bed Remo, or Romeo, or whatever she disremembers his name as.

She eventually "gets preggers" with the aid of Chiun. For several books it's an open question if Chiun is the proud daddy to be or not.

The delivery day is a scream. She can't stand the pain of child birth, so does a C-section on herself! Chiun discovers this - and even worse - a female baby. That's it. No more Cheeta for Chiun.

Cheeta earns her nickname of the "Korean Shark" when she is trapped underground. To survive she eats part of her dead cameraman.

One of the best "adventures" had Chiun constantly hounding Smith for a photo of Cheeta in Traditional Garb. Eventually, Remo must get the photo, and does so with the use of good knots and a strong rope.