In #70, Chiun tricks Remo into returning to Sinanju, where he meets the outcast Mah-Li. Forced to wear a veil to cover her deformity, she lives a life of isolation and solitude. Remo discovers her hut while wandering the outskirts of Sinanju. Mah Li and Remo have much in common, and an immediate chord is struck.

Remo spends more and more time with Mah Li, and less with Chiun. Shortly Remo asks Mah Li to be his wife. Chiun has a cow. His main worry is that the children will be hideous, deformed, and an embarrassment to Sinanju.

Soon we discover that the deformity Mah Li suffers is...Round Eyes and fine, delicate features. Eventually Chiun gives in, and even arranges for a dowry. But Chiun also conspires to keep Remo away from Sinanju and Mah Li for as long as possible.

Mah Li is killed by the Dutchman (the Yang to Remo's Yin) shortly before she is to wed Remo (#73.)