A Russian super agent with a direct line to the Kremlin, she is known and respected by Smith. She actually knows about CURE and keeps it a secret!

Anyway, Anna is a bombshell. She dislikes fools, and respects few people. Anna always speaks her mind, whether if it's to the Premier of Russia, Chiun, Remo or Smith. Anna is brilliant, chauvinistic, and calculating.

Her exploits lead her to the bedroom with Remo on several occasions. She eventually falls in love with Remo, thus shattering everything her life was based on. She never learned why Remo shunned her in their last adventure. Remo was being true to his love, Mah-Li.

Anna was killed and skinned by Mr. Gordons - she let her guard down soon after discovering that she wanted Remo more than he wanted her. This undermined her self confidence, and lead to the poor judgement that got her killed.

She is one of the BEST characters in the series. Period.