Ruby was the only person to know about CURE and live (unknown to Smith.) A street wise business person with plenty of brains. Chiun has a standing offer of gold if she will have Remo's child (never mind what Remo thinks.)

She is the only person on the planet that can really control Remo and Chiun - her shrill voice is pure torture to their ears. When she first met our buddies Remo and Chiun, she was working for the CIA. Ruby actually saved their butts and nursed them back to health on a bungled mission. Chiun has a LOT of respect for Ruby. Remo hates her - openly. But we wonder if he really loves her - secretly.

When Ruby wants out of CURE, Smith orders Remo to eliminate her. Ruby fakes her own death, and (we assume) returns to her Wig Factory in Norfolk. Remo assumes Ruby was killed, and seeks revenge. Like usual, he is in the dark - although Chiun knows the truth. Like usual. Remo eventually figures it out - after it hits him in the face. Again, like usual.

Ruby was female, black and Hispanic, and in one fell swoop, filled the minority hiring quota for the CIA.