The man who recruited Remo into CURE. He has a metal hook in place of his right hand. MacCleary was Remo's first assignment, but Remo could not kill him. MacCleary suicided - by tearing out his own throat with his hook. Smith believes that Remo killed Conn, as per his orders. An Ex-operative that worked for Smith in the Directorate of Operations (Clandestine Service) of the CIA, he later became Smith's right hand man (Right hook man?) in cure.

Conn, Smith, and the President were the first three people to know about CURE's existence.

MacCleary's name comes up often in the novels - he's the one that rigged the electric chair for Remo's fake death, even dressing up as a monk and giving Remo the pill that would fake the effectiveness of the faulty electric chair.

He first met Remo in the war, and after recruiting him, introduces him to Chiun.

We're never sure is he is Black or White - it differs in the comics, books, and movie.