Cool artwork

Original cover art, found only
on the compilation book, and
based on stories contained
in the magazine sized
comic books.

Released in October 1991, this compilation contains everything from the first four magazine sized comics - but in color!  Each "chapter" features a lead-in page with the original artwork from the magazine cover - but without the titles, text, etc.  Really looks great!

Basically is takes us from meeting Chiun in Sinanju and Remo's set-up and faked execution, through their first meeting, and on to training and missions.

Remo and Chiun live at Folcroft under the watchful eye of Smith and Con MacCleary.   Remo and MacCleary have a hate/hate relationship, with Remo constantly attempting to escape Folcroft, and MacCleary literally dragging him back.

The stories are a combination and melding of old and original material, sprinkled with Chiun's history lessons.  The big difference between these stories and their counterparts in the books, is Remo's skill level (low) and the presence of MacCleary (he was killed off in #1 in the books.)

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