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1 Created, the Destroyer thru 7 Union Bust Sapir and Murphy
8. Summit Chase Warren Murphy
9. Murder's Shield thru 24 King's Curse Sapir and Murphy
25. Sweet Dreams Warren Murphy & Ric Meyers
26. In Enemy Hands Sapir and Murphy
27. The Last Temple Warren Murphy & Ric Meyers
28. Ship of Death Sapir and Murphy
29. The Final Death Warren Murphy, Richard Sapir & Ric Meyers
30. Mugger Blood thru 34 Chained Reaction Sapir and Murphy
35. Last Call thru 39 Missing Link Warren Murphy
40. Dangerous Games Warren Murphy & Robert Randisi
41. Firing Line Warren Murphy
42. Timber Line Warren Murphy & William "Ted" Joy
43. Midnight Man Warren Murphy & Robert Randisi
44. Balance of Power Warren Murphy, Richard Sapir & Molly Cochran
45 thru 47 Molly Cochran
48. Profit Motive Sapir and Murphy
49 thru 51 Molly Cochran
52. Fool's Gold Sapir and Murphy
53 & 54 Molly Cochran
55. Master's Challenge Warren Murphy, Richard Sapir & Molly Cochran
56. Encounter Group Warren Murphy & Will Murray
(First to have the Sinanju P.O.Box)
57. Date With Death Warren Murphy, Molly Cochran & Ed Hunsburger
58. Total Recall Warren Murphy & Robert Randisi
59. The Arms of Kali Sapir and Murphy
60. The End of the Game Sapir and Murphy
61. Lords of the Earth Sapir and Murphy
62. The Seventh Stone Warren Murphy, Richard Sapir & Ed Hunsburger
63. The Sky is Falling Richard Sapir & Will Murray
64. The Last Alchemist Richard Sapir & Will Murray
65. Lost Yesterday Richard Sapir & Will Murray
66. Sue Me Richard Sapir
67. Look Into My Eyes Richard Sapir
68. An Old-Fashioned War Richard Sapir
69. Blood Ties Warren Murphy & Will Murray
70. The Eleventh Hour Warren Murphy, Molly Cochran & Will Murray
71. Return Engagement Warren Murphy & Will Murray
72. Sole Survivor Warren Murphy & Will Murray
73. Line of Succession Warren Murphy & Will Murray
74. Walking Wounded thru 87 Mob Psychology Will Murray
88. The Ultimate Death  Ric Meyers & Jim Mullaney
89. Dark Horse thru 93 Terminal Transmission Will Murray
94. Feeding Frenzy Will Murray & Warren Murphy
95. High Priestess thru 100 Last Rites Will Murray (Published by Gold Eagle Books)
101. Bidding War Will Murray & Richard Sapir
102. Unite and Conquer Will Murray
103. Engines of Destruction Will Murray
104. Angry White Mailmen 
(was originally The Fist of Allah)
Will Murray
105. Scorched Earth thru Feast or Famine Will Murray
The DARK Times
108.   Bamboo Dragon Mike Newton
109.  American Obsession Alan Philipson
110.  Never Say Die Mike Newton
Jim Mullaney starts - 111 to date

As all Destroyer fans are aware, the series had a tumultuous 1997-1998. It experienced four different authors, three truly terrible books (the worst in the series history), and a totally disjointed story line. Remo met the love of his life - Chiun actually liked her. She disappeared.  Chiun found some bizarre soul mate. She too disappeared.  Remo could control his super-attractiveness to women. Now he can't.   And on and on. Ideas that could change the series vanished. New ones (a meat eating, coffee drinking Remo - A crass, belching Chiun that would kill children) were introduced.

Well, with 111 we have a new author, and he's going to be here for a while. Jim Mullaney has taken over from Will Murray (Sapir and Murphy stopped writing the series back in the 50's) as the permanent author. Jim is now at the helm - author of one previous Destroyer (88 - The Ultimate Death), he has piloted the series away from disaster. Like the Titanic, it was headed for the iceberg created by 108, 109, and 110.

All wise fans are ignoring those three books, and going from 107 right to 111.

I exchanged several e-mails with Jim, and asked him about 111, 112, and the series in general.  Following are his comments.

Comments on 112
(The recent  Destroyer Miniseries that pits Remo against modern-day Nazis)....

From Jim:

I am emphasizing to everyone that the next three books are a trilogy only in the loosest sense of the word.  The books are connected, but the individual stories should stand on their own.  Originally I had an idea for a one-shot book (Brain Storm) that would set up a story thread that would have carried into a couple of other books much farther down the line (as was done in the past with Shchit or Nishitsu or any of the supervillains).  The latter two books would be connected to the first only by this thread.  Well, when they heard about the outlines, the publisher decided to line all three of them up together and call them the "Fatherland Files". 

So I think that's the Nazi thing in a nutshell.  Actually, I'm a little concerned that people are going to think I'm turning the series into "Captain Remo: Nazi Hunter", but with any luck the books will be fun enough that no one will care.  In any event, after Failing Marks (114) we get back to normal. 

On his first solo Destroyer book (111)...

111med.gif (10928 bytes)I must admit that I was a little nervous about stepping into the series given what has gone on for the past year.  But with Prophet now in wide circulation and the feedback all positive thus far, with continued luck, we can finally put those last three books behind us.

The "behind the scenes" things that got me here?  A lot of writing and a lot of waiting.  I flatter myself to think that a little talent didn't hurt.

Published by Pinnacle Books, written by Will Murray:

The Assassin's Handbook       1982 with Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy 
Revised and reprinted as:

Inside Sinanju                1985 with Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy
(Also rare!)

The Assassin's Handbook and Inside Sinanju are the Pinnacle of collecting the series. Hard to find, they are basically a guide to the earlier part of the series (Assassin's Handbook - pre 1982, Inside Sinanju that plus a little pre 1985.) There is a cool interview with Murphy & Sapir, an all-new story (The Day Remo Died), reviews of good and bad assassinations, and a lot more. I was lucky - I found a HARD COVER version of The Assassin's Handbook at a library sale. Inside Sinanju also has commentary on the movie.

After making this page available in January 1997, I received lots of e-mail asking how Richard Sapir could have helped with 101 "Bidding War." Mr. Sapir died over a decade ago..... But he had ideas and storylines on paper before this tragic event. No, he did not visit anyone in mystical visions, as some suggested. Nor did mysterious patterns appear in Rice Fields bearing the Symbol of Sinanju.



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