The Meat Eaters Inquest Answers

  1. It is not very often that anyone gets the better of Chiun, but it does happen. One of these was the leader of a group of creatures that partook of human blood. What were they called, these vile creatures?
    1. Spider Divas
    2. Gyonshi
    3. Shido-Vampires
    4. I.R.S. Agents
  2. As is well documented, Sinanju is a poor fishing village that must be supported for all time by the labors of the Master Of Sinanju. What idea did Chiun have to help in this...
    1. Become a state treasurer - Both of these!
    2. Hold a benefit for Assassins - Both of these! - Remember "Assassin Aid?"
    3. Sell Disneyland
    4. Obtain fishing rights to the Atlantic Ocean
  3. Remo's quest for a long time was to find his parents. Who did Remo think his mother would look like?
    1. Sophia Loren
    2. Carlie Simon
    3. Jane Fonda
    4. Gina Lollobrigida (#69)
  4. In North Korea, what is Sinanju known as?
    1. House of the Master
    2. The village of death
    3. The village of the three no's (#96 - no rice, no fish, no mercy)
    4. The village of Assassins
  5. It is well known, at least by Remo, that Chiun used to love soap operas. Then there was the intrusion of violence, defacing this once proud art form. What book had the first instance of this, when Chiun actually boycotted the soaps for awhile?
    1. #6
    2. #14
    3. #21 (the move was not even correct!)
    4. #47
  6. What is Chiun's favorite Soap?
    1. All My Siblings
    2. Surgeon General Hospital
    3. Hours of our Lives
    4. As the Planet Revolves
  7. When the Mob got into computers, they did it big time - even had their own programming language. What was it called?
    1. MOBSKI
    2. LANSCII (#87)
    3. CAPONE
    4. MOBASIC
  8. By now you know that Remo has a son. Who was the mother?
    1. Jilda
    2. Ruby Gonzalez
    3. The Queen of Moo
    4. Deborah Dean (A Folcroft nurse - #97)
    5. Mary Lipponcott
  9. Remo was in Tibet on a mission, and the place strangely familiar to him, even though it was it his first time there. The locals even had a name for him. When translated, it meant "Shiva The Destroyer." What was the name?
    1. Bunji Gonpo
    2. Pojji Lambo
    3. Kailas Pojji
    4. Gonpo Jigme (#95)
  10. Uncle Sam Beasley, the parody of Walt Disney, has a brother. This brother has frozen Sam's head, and stored it in a box for future reincarnation. What is Sam's brother's name?
    1. Walt Beasley
    2. Sam Beasley, Jr.
    3. Mickey Beasley
    4. Bob Beasley